About Us

Our first sessions began in a living room belonging to Claudia Pecchio, permanently assisted by Lulis Carbonell.  Claudia is currently in New York as the Mae de Santos over there.

It was finally in the year 2002 when we were able to open an official place to practice our Religion.

It is important to note that the practices of Umbanda vary slightly from one place to another, be it by the peoples’ attire, the way they pray and invoke.  These manners are determined according to how each Pai de Santo was prepared and this goes for Juan also, since his teacher is Heber Ureta de Oxala who has been initiated in Umbanda, Kimbanda and Candomble from his early years in Uruguay where he was born and being prepared by his own Pai de Santo in Brazil.

Heber Ureta de Oxala

From Brazil he moved to Venezuela to establish Umbanda there and prepare all those who at present are now conducting Umbanda in different countries like Colombia, Spain, Panama, Chile and locally in Miami, Dallas and New York.  And with all these places active, he has earned a minimum of 1200 followers around the world.